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How You Benefit From Dr. Knecht

How You Benefit From Dr. Knecht


We have one doctor and two hygienist and this is who you will be seeing for each and every visit. This means personalized follow up for you. Dr. Knecht gives each of his patients his own cell phone number for follow up.

2. Your Dentistry is GUARANTEED

Dental treatment is a partnership. If you do your part, we guarantee our work. For instance if your implant were to fail within the first year, we will re-do it at no charge. This is if you come to your regularly scheduled visits, do not smoke and do your part for your home care. Ask us more about our guarantee for crowns and other treatment.

3.You can SAVE MONEY

There are many types of bacteria in your mouth. If you are having problems with bleeding gums, we can isolate the type of bacteria causing your infection and thereby prescribe the appropriate treatment to treat your specific infection.


Have you ever had to travel to another dentist to get a root canal or extraction? Dr. Knecht has a lot of experience doing extractions and does much of his own endodontic treatment (root canals). He also places implants as well as doing the crowns on top of the implants himself. This means less referrals to other offices, saving you time out of your busy schedule.

5. You benefit from the LATEST TECHNOLOGY AND METHODS.

Dr. Knecht teaches and keeps abreast of the latest theories. We have digital x-rays which means considerably less exposure to radiation to you as the patient. WE have our own panorex x-ray machine which can x-ray the entire mouth with one x-ray and we do PRP which is a method of spinning down your own blood to use it in healing.

6.Your dental visit will be ENJOYABLE.

We are friendly and value the therapeutic results of laughter. We always have a free smile for you with Dr. Knecht's jokes.

Dr. Knecht is a GOOD LISTENER.

He just is.